Website Insights

Website Performance Analytics

Identify your anonymous website visitors and target them before they have a chance to visit your competitors’ websites. See who’s on your website, what pages they’re visiting and other key information all in real-time.

Think of all those people visiting your website yet fail to make contact – with AutomationPro CRM you can easily build comprehensive visitor profiles that save directly into your CRM, enabling your sales teams to access the information instantly. Information can be stored as an individual or company record allowing for the data to be easily accessed and filtered.

Revolutionize your sales funnel and get more from your website. Achieve a better understanding of who’s viewing your website and what it is they’re looking for – gain more leads and close more sales using unique insights which your competitors don’t have. Set your own criteria and have leads automatically routed through the CRM to your chosen sales people. Never miss a sales opportunity again!

  • Discover who your anonymous website visitors are and what pages they visit
  • Up to date information all tracked within real time
  • Track page abandonment rates and a visitor’s journey around your website
  • Track the traffic on all of your landing pages to monitor the success of your marketing campaign
  • Be able to identify new leads that you thought you never had
  • Understand all of the products that your website visitor is interested in
Website Performance Analytics

Web to Lead

AutomationPro CRM gives you the tools to make sure that you are capturing as many leads as possible. One of our many features is allowing users to create website forms to use on websites or within emails.

Website forms are a type of questionnaire that will ask someone a series of questions and is likely to include a call to action button. These are often used as a gateway to restrict access to something of interest or to submit details for a trial. Web forms can be created in many ways and can be used at different stages of the marketing process to help gain more leads. With the data collected from the web forms it automatically gets put into the CRM and creates a new account, notifying the relevant sales person.

Web forms are quick and easy to build within AutomationPro CRM using our simple to use web form builder. You are able to choose from a selection of fields or alternatively make your own and then select your design and call to actions.

Once a form has been filled out AutomationPro CRM can automatically follow up with that contact with triggered email campaigns and create a profile around who that contact is and their preferences.

  • Ask a series of questions to build a profile of the website visitor
  • Use web forms to gain data to access your content
  • Automatic notification of new leads
  • Have multiple web forms around your website to ask different questions depending on the page
  • New leads automatically added to the marketing CRM database
Web to Lead

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