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Marketing Automation

Nurture your customers and prospects through information that is relevant to them basing it around their interactions and behaviors. Easily create multi-step campaigns that can be triggered automatically when certain rules or terms are met, heavily reducing the amount of manual work. Track the results of your marketing automation activities with our insightful email campaign results hub, so you can understand what works best to drive results.

The powerful segmentation tool within AutomationPro CRM enables you to pinpoint every element and target effectively. AutomationPro CRM takes all the information you have about a contact into account and allows you to send out the most relevant campaigns to them, which means you are able to keep your messages personalized throughout the whole marketing automation process.

Marketing automation is more than just sending out emails, it contributes at every stage of the customer life cycle and helps nurture leads, providing the ideal time to pass them off to your sales team. AutomationPro CRM helps you to keep in touch with your customers over a long period of time using a range of marketing automation features.

  • Powerful campaign builder with advanced segmentation tools
  • Keep up to date with all of your contacts
  • Multiple different marketing automation features
  • Insightful marketing campaign analytics
  • Easily segment your data to target the right customers and contacts
  • Seamlessly build emails without any coding skills
Marketing Automation

Social Media Tools

View prospect’s social media activity to gain insight – through vital information gathered. Allowing your sales team to simply enter an account and have all the information they need in one place. Reducing time wasted on activities such as information gathering from social media channels.

The LinkedIn Prospector within AutomationPro CRM enables you to search for prospects based on particular criteria, such as job title and location. Also view a client’s social media feed by linking their Twitter to their account profile, enabling you to have a complete view of their social media activity.

Have live updates of your contacts by utilizing Google News and Twitter feed functionality. By embedding social media channels to a contacts profile it will help to establish a relationship by having a better understanding of their interests and requirements, as well as better knowledge of them and their company’s current situation. Having real-time updates of a prospects social media feeds allows you to have a more personal conversation with them.

  • Send tweets and direct messages to a contact from within the system
  • Generate new leads through unique functionality
  • Gain in-depth insights from channels including Blogger, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Issue, Pinterest, YouTube and Vimeo
  • Have a contacts Google News and Twitter feed on an account profile
  • Real-time social media post updates
  • Researching a contacts information made simpler
Social Media Tools

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