Data Management

Account Details

Have a 360-degree view of your contacts information within the account details feature. By having a 360-degree view of your contacts’ information it enables you to track every interaction including emails sent, website visits, social media activity and even the next steps needed to nurture a prospect.

AutomationPro CRM allows you to have 100+ data fields, ensuring every element of communication and data is stored effectively. A contacts profile can automatically be updated – no matter how many users are working on the account – allowing changes to be displayed in real-time. The result: time saved, increased productivity and ensuring your conversations are always relevant and up-to-date.

  • Clear insight into a contact
  • Fully customizable account view displaying the information you want to see
  • Optimized filter options to find accounts quickly
  • Interactions with campaigns are automatically logged
  • Track everything, from points of contact to the amount of website visits
  • Clear visibility of the marketing process cycle from enquiry too ready to pass onto sales
  • Customize the interface around the user
Account Details

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring allows you to add a score to accounts based upon responses, customer statuses and additional fields. Lead Scoring within AutomationPro CRM can be easily customized and configured to fit your needs, to help track accounts and their progress throughout the marketing process.

The lead scoring feature helps you to bring in the right kind of customers and easily understand where they stand when they are going through the marketing process. Leading scoring is based around any characteristic or behavior of a contact, which you define. You are able to use your lead scores to decide when to follow up with leads and when to pass them onto sales, or use them as insights for your marketing team.

  • View all interactions with a lead
  • Have your lead scoring based around fields and responses
  • Create 100 different additional fields to store your lead data in
  • Easily segment data
  • Import and export all of your hot leads into a CSV file
  • Set characteristics and behaviours to define a lead score
Lead Scoring

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