AutomationPro CRM Description

Inbound marketing is all about understanding your customers and their behavioural patterns, once you understand that and their purchasing patterns you are able to make better decisions.

The features within AutomationPro CRM have been designed to make your inbound marketing easier and fully automated. It enables marketers to grow and achieve their lead generation goals through a unified all-one marketing CRM solution which takes away the need for multiple marketing solutions. As a result, your marketing processes will become more streamlined, enabling you to track all interactions made with contacts.

We understand that marketing’s role is to create demand. AutomationPro CRM helps with just that by allowing you to gather more leads using powerful marketing features such as landing pages, web to lead forms, email marketing, SMS messaging, website performance analytics and social media which all feed into one unified CRM solution, giving you a clear view of your marketing pipeline. Once you’ve gathered leads AutomationPro CRM gives you the tools to nurture them into hot sales ready leads, by reaching out to them with tailored communications, whether that’s SMS, email or a call.

Track insightful analytics and the KPIs of your marketing campaigns, providing you with the opportunity to understand customer behaviour using website interactions, email click through rates, opens and much more. AutomationPro CRM enables you to see the behavioural patterns of a particular contact or group and build a lead score around their actions.

Ultimately, it’s all about understanding your prospects, segmenting and targeting them correctly to transform them into happy loyal customers.

AutomationPro CRM Description

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